A message from the founder

Wooden wine rack Esigo 5 Veuve Clicquot finishings

As is often the case, the best things are achieved where there is passion.

In this case it is my passion for wine, a long-standing passion that has led me to dream, select, discover and store an increasingly large wine collection.
As the number of bottles increased, along with my desire to store them correctly with stylish solutions, I looked around for something that could meet my requirements. It is when I realised that the wine racks, and all wine furnishings in general, were definitely not designed to excel for their beauty. It was as if the wine racks manufacturers had not grasped the change that had occurred in the world of wine enthusiasts.

On the one hand, today's consumer is an enthusiast, someone who loves wine, a connoisseur with increasing levels of experience; the consumer is generally a person who pays attention to his quality-of-life, someone who prefers to enjoy the best bottles of wine in his own home, preferably in the company of friends.

On the other hand, the wine racks available on the market had not evolved and were no longer in tune with the taste of current day consumers: they were generally objects whose sole purpose was to store bottles in a dark corner of the cellar, products designed with practically no attention to their aesthetic aspects.
I basically designed these ESIGO wine racks for myself, objects designed to hold and display wine bottles, objects that transform shelves into refined furnishings, and only later I decided to propose them to other enthusiasts and wine experts.

When I founded Esigo in 2007, the goal was to realise design objects that were able to create communication between man and wine, not solely to accomodate the bottles correctly but, above all, to communicate all the messages and emotions that wine is able to offer to enthusiasts.

Esigo is now the leading Italian company in the sector of designer wine racks and furnishing for storing and serving wine, from the cellar to the table, at home and at public facilities such as wine shops, wineries tasting rooms and retail shops, wine bars, restaurants, hotels and points of sale.

Designer wine racks, which are technical and highly functional products, guarantee the best possible conditions for storing bottled wine (see the ESIGO inclined bottle storage patent) and optimising thanks to their modularity features.
Esigo is a perfect blend of a business project and a complete way of life. It is a work-in-progress project which is consistently expanding, a wide range of bespoke and highly customisable objects - by size and configuration - to meet the needs of those who consider wine to be a personal pleasure, along with those who have made wine their profession and business.

Paolo Costa
CEO & Founder of Esigo Inc.