How can I find out how much the products I'm interested in actually cost? 
You can call us at +39 0444.361306 or send us an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your request; we will do our best to provide you with all the information regarding prices, delivery terms and conditions for the products you are interested in.

Do you sell to individuals and professionals?
Yes, our customers are both individuals and professionals.

Esigo wine racks are designed for those who appreciate a stylish and functional context, with elegant designer profiles, when they choose a bottle or taste a glass of wine.

Esigo therefore caters specifically for those who have a passion for wine, but also for businessmen, such as managers of wine shops, wine bars, and restaurants, who want to ensure their customers are getting the very best.

Wine enthusiasts will enjoy the Esigo 2 spacious but compact wall-mounted wine racks, which optimise space as they can hold up to 200 bottles per metre and also the attractive Esigo 8 circular wine rack made from eco-friendly recycled cardboard.

On one hand there is Esigo 5 wine rack, the wine bookcase, used for your favourite bottles and also with the other objects that testify your passion; on the other hand there is the Esigo 12, a  four bottles tabletop wine rack with a contemporary design.

For businesses there is an entire range of products to furnish wine shops, wineries tasting rooms and retail stores, wine bars, restaurants and hotels with bespoke and customized solutions.

These products have large storage capacity, user-friendly options for operators making stocking procedures easier; they provide excellent levels of display for the products and are highly resilient. In other words, efficient products par excellence.

However, even in this case, what makes us unique is that the Esigo products, thanks to the design, materials, range of finishes and formal neat design, are exceptional in creating a pleasant atmosphere that give warmth and style to public premises and, make shopping and consumption a highly enjoyable pursuit.

I am planning to furnish my wine cellar, do you have any examples of finished cellars? Are you able to design one to suit the space I have?
Esigo has a vast experience in this sector and has already designed a number of wine cellar furniture options so if you give us an idea of your desired taste and style, along with the number of bottles you wish to store, we will be able to provide you with many different alternatives. Our wine racks come in both classic and contemporary styles, in solid wood or steel, and are the ideal solution for furnishing cellars guaranteeing modularity technology and elegance.

We also have on offer a wide range of furniture and service tables to furnish tasting rooms.

Based on the information provided by customers, we are able to integrate coolers within our wine racks and compact wine cellars, from a selection of top brands currently on the market.

We also provide air conditioning for the entire wine cellar area, guaranteeing optimal levels of temperature and humidity.

I have a business where I need to sell wine and provide wine tasting options, do you have any technical furniture designed for wine services?
Esigo has designed a full range of wine rack cabinets, fitted with glass racks and glass or wooden doors. This provides maximum flexibility for wine service in restaurants, wine bars, wine shops, wineries tasting rooms and retail shops, ideal for use by both professionals and wine enthusiasts.

I am about to open my own wine shop, wine bar: what services do you offer to your clientele?
Since we are specialised in supplying wine racks and wine furnishing accessories, we have extensive knowledge in this sector which allows us to meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers.

Based on prior background information, ranging from a floor plan of the premises, the type and number of references to be stored and served, the type of clientele that will frequent the premises, we then develop a project starting from the layout of the location which is then developed further, choosing the materials and finishes, and finally with the production of the entire project, including the lighting system and any air conditioning systems if required for the wine cellar.

The final phase includes the assembly and installation of all the products.

In the case of pre-existing furnishings, we are able to customise the finishes of the Esigo wine racks to match the furnishings already installed.

I am currently furnishing my home: can you design a customised solution for my cellar?
Esigo already has a large range of basic products, including over twenty types of modern design wine cellars, from which we are able to build customised and bespoke wine cellar solutions with regard to size and finishes.

Working from the layout of your home, we can design a specific project with views and ambience options so that we are able to design the exact product you have in mind.

What types of wine racks are you capable of producing?
We have some very large capacity wall-mounted wine racks.

We also how stand-alone wine racks, such as Esigo 5 Floor, ideal for dividing areas using wine bottles, or wine racks equipped with a shelf at the top which can be turned into a service island where the bottles can be opened and tasted.

We have tabletop wine bottles holders with a capacity of 3 - 4 - 6 bottles.

We also have some wine racks which are distinct design objects, furnishing accessories whose emotional aspect dominates over the purely technical aspects. One example is Esigo 5, the wine bookcase, designed to accommodate both bottles and books and other objects related to one's personal passion. Or ESIGO 6, a honeycomb of aluminium embedded in a glass case, a work of art for wine.

What are the main characteristics of the Esigo wine racks?
We are specialize in producing wine racks. We founded the company with the objective to supply top-quality wine racks to individuals and those who work in the wine industry, objects that improve wine management and celebrate each bottle.

From the beginning, we've always paid attention to details and the technical aspect of storing wine. Our wine racks are technically impeccable as they accommodate the bottle correctly, ensuring optimal preservation of the wine: our patented inclined bottle storage system ensures that the wine covers the inner side of the cork, keeping it moist and supple whilst preventing excessive transpiration which can lead to the formation of hazardous moulds and oxidation of the wine.

From a technological perspective, we are able to supply products which respond to the needs of the most demanding wine lovers. However, what makes us totally unique is that the Esigo wine racks have been designed and built to look beautiful: true works of art. This is why we are the leading italian manufacturing company in the moden wine racks and wine storage.

Functional wine bottle furnishing accessories: wine racks with solid technological concepts that become stylish furnishing objects thanks to their outstanding cutting-edge design, their stylish shapes, and ultra-trendy materials. Wine display units designed specifically to enhance the bottle and its contents, the wine, in a completely new manner, a manner which is totally in tune with the tastes and demands of todays wine consumers.

What types of materials do you use?
The materials used for our wine racks are solid oak with a natural finish for the Classic Collection of our wine racks, gloss or matt finish MDF according to the colours indicated in our catalogue or those specifically requested by the customer, stainless or lacquered steel, aluminium, plexiglass and polystyrene for the contemporary style wine racks and even recycled cardboard which we use to make ESIGO 8, the eco-friendly wine rack.

If harsh operating conditions are foreseen, we can also produce wine racks that are resistant to salt, to very high levels of humidity, or suitable for outdoor use.

What capacities do the Esigo wine racks have?
The storage capacity of the Esigo wine racks varies from 3 - 4 - 6 bottles for the tabletop wine racks, such as Esigo 7, Esigo 11 and Esigo 12, to the capacious 200 + bottle per 1 m wide wall-mounted wine racks such as the Esigo 2 Net, Esigo 2 Box and Esigo 2 Wall.

What is the line Esigo Wss for wine-by-the-glass dispensers? 
Esigo Wss is a collection of ten different models of wine rack and glass rack cabinets, complete with glass doors, each of which comes in different sizes and finishes.
Made in Italy.

How can I get more technical information on the Esigo wine racks?
You can call us by phone at +39.0444.361306 or send us an e-mail with your request; we will do our best to provide you with all the useful technical information, and recommend the products that meet your specific requirements.

Where can I find Esigo products in my area?
Send a request via e-mail and we will inform you the closest retailer of Esigo wine rack.